Operation Dry Water continues

August 1, 2016 by

Police in Smiths Falls are keeping a close eye on boaters along the Rideau system that runs through town.

Operation Dry Water continues in waterways across our province as the long weekend wraps up.

The OPP and local forces, like the Smiths Falls Police Service are working to discourage drinking and boating which accounts for about 40% of boating-related deaths on Canadian waterways.

Smiths Falls Police say the August long weekend is the perfect time to remind boaters about the risks of drinking and boating.

Combined with sun, wind, waves and the rocking motion of the boat, the effects of alcohol on the water can be greatly increased.

You can be charged with Impaired Operation of a vessel if your blood alcohol level exceeds the legal amount, and if you’re charged, you will lose your Driver License.opp-boat

Smiths Falls police will be checking boats in and along the Rideau Canal system through town to ensure people are boating responsibly, while the OPP is on our other bodies of water.