Perth votes to support hospital fundraising initiative

September 30, 2016 by

Hospital PerthThe Town of Perth will be donating $8,000 to the Perth Hospital as part of the hospital’s “Adopt-a-Room” campaign.

At the Sept. 27, 2016 Town Council meeting, Perth Councillors voted unanimously in favour of supporting The Great War Memorial Hospital of Perth District Foundation’s “Adopt-a-Room” campaign with an $8,000 donation, which will be funded from the Town’s reserves.

Coun. Jim Boldt said he had a couple of constituents contact him to say that they felt that enough money had been given to the hospital already.

Boldt told Lake 88 that while he understood their view, the unfortunate reality is the hospital counts on fundraising to be able to meet its financial obligations.

“It’s unfortunate in this day in age that not only our hospital, but hospitals across the province have to rely on fundraising to operate,” said Boldt, adding that he felt it was important for the town support the hospital’s fundraising effort.

“I 100 per cent support this initiative,” said Boldt.