Extensive re-surfacing to pavement at GWM Hospital in Perth begins Nov 1st

October 31, 2016 by

The Smiths Falls and Perth Memorial Hospital says that construction will begin tomorrow on roadways, parking lots, and walkways at the Perth site.

They report most of high traffic roadways, walkways and parking areas at the GWM Perth site will be resurfaced.

They say the work will be very intrusive, and loud, though officials also said it a release that it was “exciting as this is a project that really needs to get done…and by the end of this paving season.”

The work is expected to take about 4 weeks and will occupy much of the patient and visitor parking.

During this time the hospital will raise its gates as parking will be at a premium with all the work.

They also note that access to entrances may be disrupted from time to time and for some duration as concrete cures and asphalt is laid.