More than just books – Perth library launches marketing campaign

January 3, 2017 by

library-03-300x225The Perth Library is launching a major marketing campaign to show the public that it offers much more than just books.

“The library offers so much to its community beyond books,” said chief librarian Erika Heesen to Lake 88.

As examples, Heesen said the library also offers free museum admission passes, online e-books, digital magazines and online language learning courses.

“Those are all things that we’re really excited about and we really want to be able to share with the community, and make sure that they’re aware that there really is something for everyone at the library, even if you’re not necessarily a reader,” she said.

The library is also looking to set up small library boxes throughout town and neighbouring townships which will offer several books anyone can borrow and then return back to the box.

Heesen said it’s another way of bringing the “library to the people.”