Appeal received to Rideau Lakes restructuring plan

January 30, 2017 by

An appeal has been received at Rideau Lakesrideaulakestownship_sign-300x217 Township on Council's recent decision to amalgamate Newboro and North Crosby wards and to reduce the size of Council by one member.

The appeal came in last week. The township says it will be sending the necessary documentation package to the Ontario Municipal Board.

One report says the latest appeal seems concerned with the number of Councillors under the new structure.

It’s unknown how the OMB would proceed as this issue is not subject to appeal.

However the board is known to meet with individuals in cases like this in a pre-hearing. Those hearings can sometime result in changes leading to an altered appeal being filed.

The Township plans to wait until the final appeal deadline before deciding how to proceed with this and any other appeals it receives.