Susan Shirley Maternity Home officially closes today

January 31, 2017 by

16114559_1252065428164751_7341406168491384933_nToday is officially the day that the Susan Shirley Maternity Home in Smiths Falls shuts its doors.

Crowns of Life Outreach says “due to a series of unforeseen events in the family life of founders Nichole and Ryan Anderson, they are no longer able to offer Maternity Home Services.”

They say it has been, “an incredible journey walking alongside 54 young women and their children in these past 5 ½ years. We have witnessed many new beginnings and aided in the success of many healthy babies and healthy families.”

Crowns of Life will continue to operate as a charity, they hope to lend their experience and skillsets to other non-profit groups.

They are also moving their head office to Hamilton effective next month.