Winter Travel Advisory in effect

February 15, 2017 by

Winter Weather WatchA winter weather travel advisory is in effect this morning.

Snow, heavy at times, is expected to continue.

We have reports now that visibility is as low as 200 metres or less in some areas.

Environment Canada also says quickly accumulating snow will result in snow covered roads. Conditions around the region are reported to be snow covered, and cars are moving slowly.

School buses were running but many faced delays of 10 or 15 minutes or even a half an hour.

Officials say be prepared to adjust your driving with changing road conditions. If visibility is reduced while driving, slow down, watch for tail lights ahead and be prepared to stop.

Also remember to clean off your vehicle. Failure to do so properly can result in an accident if snow blows of your vehicle onto another. That can reduce visibility to zero in a matter of seconds. It can also result in a fine of over $100.