Minimum CIP grant eligibility dropped to $500 in Smiths Falls – more can help improve the look of the town

February 28, 2017 by

downtown-sceneSmiths Falls council has passed a by law adopting an amendment to the Community Improvement Program covering façade, landscaping and signage improvements. The amendment lowers the minimum grant eligibility from $2,500 to $500.

“What we’ve heard from local businesses is that $2,500 was too much for them to invest, so by lowering it to $500 we’re hoping to increase the uptake,” said Niki Dwyer, senior planner with the town of Smiths Falls.

Although the investment amount is now lower, nothing else has changes according to Dwyer.

Businesses seeking to access one of the six CIP programs will still have to meet all the eligibility criteria. In the case of the Façade, Signange and Landscape program, that means applicants still have to be “improving the bones of the structure” Dwyer clarified.

A copy of the CIP program is available on the town’s website.