Mayor Holman remembers Rideau Lakes Councillor and resident who drown last week as important community members

March 15, 2017 by

Doug Good

Rideau Lakes Mayor Ron Holman is remembering  Councillor Doug Good and Mike Carty as two important members of the township who gave of themselves selflessly.

Holman told Lake 88 that Councillor Good was very involved in local events around Portland and was dedicated to serving his ward. “The future of Portland was very key, but he represented the ward of Bastard and Burgess, which includes Portland. He was very interested in Portland, largely because of its waterfront. He was alsways working to see how he could better that area to perhaps enhance the whole area.”

Holman said Carty was a well-known community supporter as well. “Mike was a real well known person, he contributed significantly to the community of Elgin. Upon selling the farm he moved to Portland. He and Dough were very good friends. It’s another sad situation of two residents who contributed so much to the community that are now passed on.”


Mike Carty

Good and Carty were on their way to Cow Island, a trip they had made several times before, when their truck went through the ice.

The pair was again helping the community – they were checking on docks owned by the Big Rideau Lake Association at the time.

Mr. Carty’s Funeral takes place this Saturday while Councillor Good’s funeral will take place Monday.