McDonald’s Corners bird auction postponed due to ILT outbreak

March 16, 2017 by

chicken-1682236_960_720A popular bird auction has been postponed after a disease was found in some county birds.

The Lanark Era reports that an outbreak of infectious Laryngotracheitis, or ILT, in a small chicken flock has postponed the McDonald’s Corners bird auction, which had been planned for this Sunday.

The auction draws people who buy and sell various birds, but is also a social occasion.

McDonald’s Corners Agricultural Society secretary Sally Andrews, who also organizes the auction said last week the ILT disease advisory from the Feather Board Command Centre led to the postponement.

The auction won’t go until the advisory status changes. The advisory was issued on February 23rd to all poultry industry service providers in a 10 kilometer buffer zone in Lanark County. Positive tests were reported through the provincial Small Flock Surveillance project.

The Board has cautioned bird owners to reinforce their biosecurity protocols when travelling through the area.

Officials are now working with the flock owner and his veterinarian to ensure proper biosecurity and disease control measures are in place.

Small flock growers in the area are also being contacted.

Andrews said in a release from the Agricultural Society that they apologize for any inconvenience and will hold the auction after the advisory is lifted.

Officials expect that to happen sometime in April.