Zoning amendment will allow new commercial building on Wilson St.

March 17, 2017 by

Wilson St MetroThe area around 54 and 58 Wilson Street abutting Metro is about to see some changes now that council has approved a zoning amendment on the recommendation of the Planning Advisory Committee.

The proposed development will eliminate the homes at 54 and 58 Wilson and build a new commercial building approximately 7,500 square feet (690 sq meters).  About half of the new building will be a health and fitness business with the rest expected to be turned into offices or shops.  According to A&B Brownlee Investments (the applicants for the zoning amendment) the new building’s façade will be stone and stucco, and will be less than two stories high on the Leslie Street exposure.

“I am confident we have a good clean and quiet use for the site that is beneficial to the community.  I look forward to showing the building which will be a beautiful facility and a great improvement to the current houses,” wrote Brent Brownlee, in a letter addressed the Leslie Street Homeowner's Association.

While the application for zoning amendment has been deemed consistent with the town’s Official Plan, the amendment has been passed with a holding provision .

The provision prohibits the development from proceeding until certain specific issues or types of issues are addressed according to the Director of Development and Protective Services with the town of Perth, Eric Cosens.

“In this particular instance the holding provision is used to ensure that the required site plan process is completed and that no commercial occupancies occur in the event the new building is not constructed,” Cosens said in an email to Lake 88.

Several public meeting have been held over this development and the Leslie Street Homeowner's Association recorded their concerns over the proposed development in a letter to the developer and shared with the town.  The developer has responded in writing to those concerns and in the meantime the town is exercising its authority to ensure compliance where it can.

“Some matters the Town can ensure such as modification of the commercial entrance on Leslie Street and installation of a stop sign at the exit to the property.  Other aspects do require the proponent to essentially live up to his commitments to his neighbours.  I think the fact that the commitments are in writing does lend weight to them,” said Cosens.