Smiths Falls and District Crime Stoppers increases reward for Fentanyl/Opioid related crime

March 31, 2017 by

Crime Stoppers in Smiths Falls is upping the ante when it comes to helping stamp out drugs in the community.

The group recently issued a notice that says, “Due to the severity of the fentanyl/opioid crisis, the Smith Falls and District Crime Stoppers program approved doubling their tip rewards (up to a maximum of $2000) for those anonymous tips leading to an arrest of trafficking, or possession for the purpose of trafficking, any drug that is identified as fentanyl or an opioid.

The new award will be in effect form tomorrow, April 1st, through May 31st of 2017.

Earlier this week Crime Stoppers joined forces with the Health Unit, Lanark County Addiction Services and Smiths Falls Police for an information session on the crisis at SFDCI. The evening provided multiple levels of education on the problem- from sources, to overdoses, to addiction help – and was well attended.

The Health Unit has confirmed that people have died from Fentanyl overdoses in our listening area in recent years.

Below is the original notice from the group.