RVCA watching water levels closely as rain falls

May 1, 2017 by

Rideau River SFForecasted rain could cause the present decline of flood waters on the Ottawa River to be reversed.

Runoff from rain in Eastern Ontario can be expected to combine with inflows from further north in the Ottawa River watershed and cause flows to increase again.

The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority says it will be worse in the eastern part of their watershed – in communities around Lac Deschene and Boise Village east of Cumberland.

However, the Conservation Authority warns that levels could increase in the Rideau system, on Bobs and Christie Lakes in particular.

They are once again warning that with water levels expected to increase again, residents need to be aware of the associated dangers.

Children need to be kept away from any open water.

Conservation Authority staff will continue to monitor conditions and will issue updates as warranted.