Patient and Family Centred Care logo unveiled by Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital

May 30, 2017 by

PFCC LogoThe Perth and Smiths District Hospital has unveiled its new Patient and Family Centred Care logo. The Centre is also known as the PFCC.

Staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and families gathered last Thursday to celebrate the official launch of the new design.

The hospital says the logo embraces the dynamics of PFCC and the culture that the hospital supports and encourages with each and every patient and family interaction. It is an addition to the existing hospital logo reflects how the hospital embraces the PFCC culture.

Centering care on patients and families has been recognized as being key to providing safe, quality patient care.

The hospital reached out to staff to help us identify the key terms that they believed embody the Patient and Family Centred Care philosophy. As a result they identified key words to incorporated into the logo: “Patients”, “Family” and “Care”.

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