Pool At Gallipeau Centre May Continue To Operate In Different Manner

June 13, 2017 by

SF Hub Pool 01The Smiths Falls Record News is reporting that co-owner of the Gallipeau Centre, Joe Gallipeau, who is also a Town Councillor, informed them last night that the pool at the centre may continue to operate, just in a different manner.

Gallipeau told the paper the soon-to-be former Smiths Falls & District Aquatic Recreation Centre, known as the ARC, will be run as a members-only "B pool."
That means it will open with a new name and business model. Gallipeau says it will operate similar to a golf club, and will not be a public pool.

The facility will be available only to those who purchase a membership, and popular classes like aqua-fit or swimming lessons will be offered at an additional cost on top of the membership.

He told the paper he hopes it will work, and added that if people want to see a pool in Smiths Falls, they should buy a membership and support it.

Gallipeau says it’s not his, nor the Gallipeau Centre’s role to provide a public pool; that’s the role of the town.

No opening date has been set for the new pool. The pool as it is now will be closing this Friday and memberships for ARC will not be honoured.