Water-related infrastructure projects in Smiths Falls get a boost from federal, provincial funding

June 27, 2017 by

sf-water-tower-01The town of Smiths Falls is embarking on a number of infrastructure projects this year thanks to a  $1.383 million funding announcement from the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure.

“We were pleased to get notification that we got the full funding from the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund that we had applied for, “ said Troy Dunlop, director of public works and utilities.

Four projects can now go ahead, including two sewer projects on Lorne Street, and two critical maintenance and replacement projects at the wastewater treatment plant.

“We picked projects that were good strong candidates for funding and we were successful,” said Dunlop.

All of the projects had been identified as priorities in the town’s asset management plan, but only the first three could be supported in the 2017 budget.

This influx of grant money means the town can catch up and move ahead of schedule on the water and wastewater long-term financial plan, according to Dunlop.

In addition the Lorne Street project will now be entirely financed through the combination of grant money, taxes and reserves and the town will no longer need to borrow funds for this year’s infrastructure projects.