History inspires new Smiths Falls logo

June 30, 2017 by

Local SF 03 0629The last time Smiths Falls went through a branding exercise was in 1999, when Hershey was still in town and Rideau Regional still operated.  Much  has changed in the intervening years and in 2016 the town contracted a marketing and communications agency to help refresh the town’s image and look.

On Thursday June 29, the town unveiled the town’s new logo, at an event held at the Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre.

We are launching a new, streamlined logo to reflect our modernized brand while still respecting our deep-rooted history,” said Mayor Shawn Pankow introducing the logo to the gathered guests before the unveiling.

Following a brief speech the mayor invited guests to look out the picture window where the new logo was dramatically unfurled off the Fire department’s ladder truck, by the fire chief.

The choice of the letter S was deliberate according to Pankow.  It’s a nod to Thomas Smyth, on whose lands the town sits, while the sinuous curves represent infinity and infinite opportunities while echoing the curves of the 202 Km of the Rideau Canal running through town.  The lines tumbling down through the S represent the flowing water and the falls that were diverted to create the canal.

With the new logo there is also  a new tag line “Rise at the Falls”, which now replaces ‘Sensational Smiths Falls.’

“It’s a forward looking and positive statement,” explained Councillor Jay Brennan.

A new website was also part of the package and while there were a few technical difficulties with the web launch, resulting in a few hours delay, the new website is now up and running. It’s a streamlined website that has lost some features but gained others deemed more relevant to today’s audience.