Smiths Falls Police issue reminder to be leery of phone scammers

July 11, 2017 by

Phone Scam copyThe Smiths Falls Police Service is reminding members of the public not to provide any information over the phone, in writing or internet to people they do not know.

Police have received several reports of a caller presenting themselves as a representative from a financial institution.

The caller states that a credit card has been used to make an online purchase. The intended victim will then usually inform the caller that they did not make the purchase. The caller then pries for information about the card and often has access to information such as address and phone number etc.

Police urge you to hang up and phone your financial institution to verify any suspicious purchases on your accounts, then contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (click here) and the Smiths Falls Police Service at, (613) 283-0357 ext. 0.