Funding earmarked for comfort coming to PSFDH

July 28, 2017 by

SF HospitalThe Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital is getting $489,432 of new funding announced for 15 hospitals across eastern Ontario.

The money is meant to help improve conditions in hospitals by fixing and replacing air conditioning, windows, fire alarms – to name but a few things. 11 million dollars is being spent on the project in hospitals across the province.

CEO of the PSFDH, Beverley McFarlane told the Brockville Recorder they will have to prioritize projects to make best use of the funding.

She says they have applied for approximately $2.5 million worth of projects but have received only a fraction of what they need.

An operating room renewal project is now underway in Smiths Falls, expected to be complete by the end of August, and she says there are a few other projects that will have to be completed this year.

The Hospital Infrastructure Renewal Fund was established in 1999 to help hospitals provide patients with high-quality care in a safe and healthy environment.