OPP set for Summer’s last long weekend

August 31, 2017 by

TextDrive-copy-300x189The last long weekend of summer means that OPP will be out trying to keep our roads and highways safe.

They are out with some reminders that bear repeating.

They are: Drive Safe - aggressive driving habits such as speeding, or unsafe passing can lead to a tragedy.

They also say that it's a proven fact "seatbelts save lives", this includes drivers, passengers and baby car seats and booster seats.

You’re also encouraged to keep your thumbs on the wheel. Distractions like cell phones, changing the radio station or eating can take your attention off the roadway and cause a collision.

It’s not worth it: those caught using their phones while driving face a set fine of $400 plus other fines, and three demerit points.

The OPP also says, of course Stay Sober - there is no excuse for drinking and driving.

They remind us that it takes all of us to keep the roadways safe, and they’ll be out there doing their part.