School improvements highlighted at CDSBEO board meeting

August 31, 2017 by

CDSBEOOver the course of the last 12 months, the CDSBEO Plant and Maintenance Department has completed a number of upgrades within schools and board facilities.

Manager of Plant and Maintenance, Roger Cauley, presented an overview of the projects which have been completed in Board facilities, including over 5,000 work orders and 147 projects under School Renewal, School Condition Improvement, and the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, at the board meeting held Tuesday, August 29th, 2017.

Superintendent of Business, Bonnie Norton, introduced Roger Cauley, Manager of Plant, to the Board of Trustees. “This year, we have had a number of extremely large projects, which has been challenging for plant, but also very rewarding,” noted Superintendent Norton. “Mr. Cauley and the Plant and Maintenance Department have worked very hard this summer to ready our schools for September.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to highlight some of the work completed this year,” began Mr. Cauley. “As noted by Superintendent Norton, we’ve had an extremely challenging summer, as we have taken on several very large projects. The presentation today highlights some of the work that has been completed by the plant department.”

In Smiths Falls, construction has begun for the new JK-8 elementary school. The facility includes 13 classrooms, three Kindergarten classrooms, a 5,000 square foot family support centre, a 3,000 square foot daycare, and a new soccer field and play area. The facility is expected to open September, 2018.

Several other significant upgrades have taken place at the Kemptville Board Office, including the addition of an 1,100 square foot storage outbuilding (still under construction), interior renovations to accommodate the Special Education Department, and redesign of workstations in several departments to accommodate additional space and meeting rooms.

“Of the larger projects we have completed in the schools, Notre Dame Catholic High School has received a new heating system in the original wing, including replacement of existing tiles in the main corridor, and all associated electrical work,” noted Mr. Cauley. “In addition, the school has received a new roof over a portion of the existing building.”

At St. John CHS, similar upgrades were done including replacement of the heating system in the original wing at both levels, replacement of existing heat pumps with new roof top units and comfort coils, as well as roof replacement and new ceiling tiles in the corridors.

“We finalized phase two of exterior upgrades at St. Mary Catholic School in Carleton Place with new windows and other exterior upgrades such as replacing brick and stucco,” noted Mr. Cauley.

Across the eight counties the board serves, new roofing was installed at six schools, in addition to other interior renovations at eight sites, including staff room upgrades, as well as washroom upgrades. More than 28 painting projects were completed, as well as flooring projects at 14 sites, replacing over 10,000 square feet of carpet with vinyl tile flooring.

Additional projects were carried out at several sites including: window coverings, installation of portable classrooms, electrical upgrades, new drinking water fill stations, sidewalk and paving upgrades, site improvement projects and playground improvements.