Smiths Falls seeks funding for commuter trail in town

September 11, 2017 by

Lake News Logo 02 WideTaking advantage of the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program, the town of Smiths Falls is going ahead with an application for funding to develop the first in-town multi use commuter trail.

This will be a 750 meter long, 3 meter wide paved trail connecting Beckwith and Broadview Streets to Lower Reach Park.

Smiths Falls Director of Community Services Art Manhire told Lake 88 News, the initiative dovetails with so many of the town’s priorities, not least active living.

“The benefits for active transportation are that it takes cars off the road, which is a safety piece but it’s also an environmental piece," said Manire. "It’s cheaper for me to drive my bike to work than it is to drive a car to work."

Manhire said there are more benefits too. "It's the health benefit overall to the community. When you’re actually in active transportation, you’re being physically active and that’s the win-win of overall benefits of active transportation.”


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  1. Janet Coutanche

    The town is a mile by a mile wide!! Our parks are a in need of work, our roads look like pee wee hermins handywork, and we are looking for more grants. Then what happens very similar to what Kingston mayor said," we don't ask for grants constantly, we add a 1% infastructure tax to the tax base.

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