Groundwork for ambitious seniors’ development on Gore St. in Perth being laid

September 29, 2017 by

Perth council passed a zoning amendment by-law to accommodate an ambitious new development at 240 Gore Street East.

The proposed development will include a seniors care facility, a retirement home, a seniors apartment building as well as accessory buildings for recreation and services including a pharmacy and medical offices.

The applicants are a doctor and a pharmacist  “with strong backgrounds in medicine and service for the elderly” as stated in their application.

“This is just one of the those projects that is meant to be,” said Mayor John Fenik at this week's Council meeting.

According to the mayor, the entire project has fallen into place smoothly with applicants who were willing and able to work with the town seamlessly.

The project is still in the early stages but it’s hoped that it will progress relatively quickly.

“It will be phased out over three phases.  We’re hoping that that’s going to happen relatively quickly.  The developers have suggested that in fact if it goes well, and they get a lot of pre-sales it’ll be phased back from three phases to two phases,” Councillor Jim Boldt, told Lake 88 News.

According the zoning application filed with the town the first phase of the development will start at the south end of the site, with an 88-unit seniors residence that includes both independent and assisted care.  Included in Phase I will be spaces for a chapel, a games room, and a theatre. A separate building will house a pool and gymnasium for residents.

Subsequent phases will add a seniors apartment building linked to Phase I, followed by apartment above commercial space that will include a pharmacy and medical and professional offices supporting seniors.

“For a town that’s seen as a retirement Mecca for seniors, it’s a made in heaven arrangement,” said Boldt.

240 Gore St East