Lanark County Council moves on trail bridges and road safety; Golf tournament proceeds to help homeless youth

October 12, 2017 by

The following are the highlights from Lanark County Council

DSC_2761_previewWarden's Golf Tournament to help youth homelessness
Warden (and Montague reeve) Bill Dobson presented the proceeds of the Annual Warden's Golf Tournament held at Timber Run in Lanark on Aug. 18 to representatives of the United Way. The $5,900 will be directed to the United Way's Lanark County Youth Collective Impact Project. It's a project aimed at ending youth homelessness in Lanark County. Dobson said the initiative is an “important one which will affect young lives.” Social agencies in the county say a lack of affordable housing for young people in Lanark County is an increasing problem.

Contract for OVRT bridges awarded
Lanark County has approved spending almost $400,000 on upgrading two bridges in Pakenham which run on the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail. The trail runs along a 296 corridor from Smiths Falls to Mattawa. Lanark and Renfrew counties as well as the township of Papineau-Cameron have been working on acquiring and developing the trail for seven years.  The trail runs along the former Canadian Pacific Railway corridor. Ottawa-based, DW Building Restoration Services was award a contract worth just over $350,000 to install railings and the deck of the bridge over the Mississippi River in Pakenham. Another Ottawa-based company, Thomas Fuller Construction was awarded a contract valued at $28,000 to construct railings on the bridge over County Road 29 in Pakenham.

New stop sign for troubled intersection
Lanark County Council has approved a by-law to erect a stop sign an intersection where several collisions have occurred. It will be placed on County Road 24 at the intersection of Bellamy Road and Peneshula, creating an all-way stop at the intersection. As it stood before the move, westbound traffic on County Road 24, Peneshula Rd., had not been required to stop. The County says that several motorcycle accidents occurred at the site over the course of the summer, prompting a review of incidents at the location. During site visits, it was noted the geometry of the road in this location may be confusing to non-local traffic, as well as the change in road surface from hard-top to gravel. These, combined with the speed that traffic travels this road warranted a review of the intersection with accident data provided by Lanark County OPP, and resulted in a recommendation for an all-way stop.

LC Stop Sign