MPP Clark, MP Brown present Canada 150 medals to volunteers

October 12, 2017 by

o-canada-150-anniversary-facebookMP for Leeds-Grenville – Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, Gord Brown, and MPP for Leeds-Grenville, Steve Clark have awarded 152 Canada 150 medals to volunteers and community builders from throughout the United Counties.

It was the culmination of a program they announced in the spring to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary.

"Every day across Leeds-Grenville, people selflessly give their time and talents to make our communities better places to call home. The efforts of those we honoured tonight are never unappreciated, but often go unrecognized," said Clark. "We know volunteers aren't motivated by recognition. However, tonight was an opportunity to say a well-deserved thank you and to celebrate their remarkable commitment to community service that sets a standard for others to follow," he continued.

“Leeds-Grenville is blessed with people who step up and help make the communities throughout the counties a much better place to live and work,” noted Brown. “It is the people like those we honoured tonight who take the extra step to ensure that the rest of us can live better lives,” he added.

The two noted that medal recipients represented a wide range of achievement in the counties. From historians who remember and celebrate our past, to fundraisers who organize campaigns for the public good, to those who help create better public spaces, to those who are there for people in a time of need, to the student who took it upon himself to make the world a better place for future generations  – the stories attached to the medal recipients are truly heartwarming and inspiring, they explained.

The presentation took place at the Brockville Arts Centre.

The following is the list of Recipients in Alphabetical Order:

Dick Abrams
Nancy Abrams
Katherine Aldrich
Candy Alexander
Susan Alford
John Baker
Joe Baptista
Judi Baril
David Beatty
AJ Benoit
Steve Benoit
Douglas Bond
Bill Boulton
David Brown
Roy Brown
Brian Burns
Judith Caldwell
David Cavanagh
Lynda Cavanagh
Blair Chant
Bob Clark
James Clark
John Cornish
Conal Cosgrove
Country Roads CHC
Angie Cowan
Dave Crotty
David Dargie
Shawn Davis
Cathy Davison
Terri Dawson
Phil Deery
Erika Demchuk
Donna Dempsey
Jim Donovan
Sarah Jane Dumbrille
Corbin Evans
Linda Eyre
Lawrence Fielding
Robert Fernell
Madeleine Fernell
Paul Fournier
Don Fowler
Jennifer Franssen
Peter Gard
Jim Gilbert
Donald Gilchrist
Donna Gladstone
David Gordon
Lisa Marie Gow
Doug Grant
Hunter Grant
Shirley Green
Anna Greenhorn
Roger Haley
Sharon Halladay
Bill Hallam
Carrie Hands
Keith Hare
Bob Harper
David Henderson
Harold Hess
Earl Hicks
Ron Holman
Taylor Horning
Peyton Horning
Roger Hum
Carol Anne Jacob
Cheryl Johnston
Michael Johnston
Robin Jones
Alfred Kelly
Jack Kenny
Gerald Kerr
Kinsmen Club of Prescott
Neil Kudrinko
Martha Kudrinko
Kenneth Lacey
Sue Lackie
Ann Lalonde
Laurie Langille
Carl Leggett
David Lesueur
Lesley Lehman
Joanne Lyons
John MacLeod
Doug Malanka
Bev Maxwell
Eric McKenzie
Mike McClintock
Peggy Sweet McCumber
Alan Medcalf
William Morris
Barbara Morrison
Lynn Murray
Peter Murray
Sharon Murray
John Nalon
David Nash
Stewart Nimmo
Henry Oosterhof
Bobby Orr
Neil Patterson
Brian Phillips
Jim Pickard
Ron Pollard
Brian Porter
William Poser
Mary Lou Price
Brian Purcell
James Raffan
Nancy Raitt
Jim Rawlings
Dan Roantree
Sarah Robinson
Donna Robinson
Don Ross
Bob Runciman
Tom Russell
Pat Sayeau
Herb Scott
Robert Scott
Rev. Harry Seeley
Lt. Col. Jeffrey Shaver
David Shaw
Karen Simpson
Doug Smith
George Smith
Al Stewart
Marion Stone
Randall Stowell
Dwayne Struthers
Ben Sugarman
Patty Sugarman
Kim Sytsma
George Tackaberry
Gerry Tallman
Mary Tessier
David Tidbury
Brett Todd
Brian Tunnicliffe
Susan Tunnicliffe
Ruth Vogel
Tori Watson
Catherine Webster
Sandra Wells
Freda White
Bailey Whitehouse
Jan Wills
Alison Wilson
Bruce Wylie
Adrian Wynands