Abbot Lombard fix in the cards for busy Smiths Falls intersection

October 13, 2017 by

Local drivers could soon be enjoying fewer traffic snarls at the Lombard and Abbott intersection in Smiths Falls.

A study of that intersection gave it a failing grade for level of service and recommended a number of remedies.

“We looked at all the possible improvements,  and the overall improvement that provides the most public benefit, is updating our traffic control system, and bringing it forward to a new modern traffic control system that will be able to adapt the timing to changing traffic conditions,” said Troy Dunlop, director of Public Works and Utilities.

Other immediate remedies include changeable message signs at five key locations in town to warn drivers that the swing bridge on Abbot is opening, so they can alter their route.

In the long term, a similar traffic controller system is recommended for the Lombard/Beckwith intersection and in the future Abbot Street south will become a one way street to eliminate left hand turns onto Lombard from that direction.

It isn’t clear yet when the first batch of improvements will be happen.

“We’re going to get the design done and the Ministry of Transportation approvals, and that will be fast tracked, and then we’ll evaluate,” said Dunlop.

The new traffic controller at Abbot and Lombard will cost about $100,000 and will disrupt traffic for about two to three weeks at most.

“We will seek to advance this project in 2018, because it’s a project that ripe for funding eligibility,” said Dunlop, adding that the Ministry of Transportation was actively engaged with the study and is fully aware that it’s the poorest performing intersection on a Connecting Link in town.

Abbot Intersection