UCDSB Trustees visit local schools for Local Government Week

October 30, 2017 by

P-01_P_MGS_Local Government Week_MC_2017-10-27Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) Trustees acknowledged Local Government Week recently during presentations at area schools.

Trustees Bill MacPherson (pictured at right), Caroll Carkner, John McAllister and Donald Cram spoke to UCDSB students about the importance of their role to public education.

They discussed responsibilities such as setting Board policies, overseeing management of the Board budget, working as a team, and bringing concerns of the public to school and system leaders.

Students questioned Trustees regarding Board policy, how often the Board meets, what they are ultimately responsible for as Trustees, and how they are elected.

Local Trustee MacPherson was invited to Maple Grove Public School to speak about the Trustee role, as well as the history of schools that have served the area.

“Essentially, I wanted to create a broader awareness of the role of the Trustee,” said MacPherson, after addressing a Grades 5/6 class on Friday morning. “Quite often we’re the forgotten politicians and it’s nice to see the school taking an interest.”

MacPherson said creating a greater understanding of local government among our youth is critical to our democracy and our quality of life. This is because the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow who will be making important decisions regarding local government and education.

While Trustees will often visit schools throughout the year, Local Government Week provides a specific focus for connecting with students in the Upper Canada District School Board.