Smiths Falls supports Tweed bid for retail store at Hershey Dr. facility

November 14, 2017 by

Tweed SFSmiths Falls council has passed a couple of resolutions in support of Canopy Growth's Tweed Inc.’s bid to open a retail store at its Smiths Falls production facility.

“They really see a tourism opportunity.  They see this as being a central focus and attraction and as a result we want to support the possibility of a retail outlet located here,” said Town Mayor Shawn Pankow.

Under the current proposed plan, the province will open 20 retail outlets across the province.  The closest stores to our listening area will be in Ottawa and Kingston.

“We know that based on the province’s plan today there will not be enough capacity to meet the expected demand as of July next year,” said Pankow.

On another level, Pankow points out that Tweed is in an enviable position to offer customers a unique experience. “When you can go to a location and understand the product, understand the potency, understand the variations and pick up the product in the form that you may want it, it becomes an additional service,” he said.

Council also passed a resolution to send a delegation to Queen Park, to lobby for a change in the proposed delivery plan.

“If we’re the central location in Eastern Ontario at the world’s largest production facility why shouldn’t we have a retail outlet here,” concluded Pankow.