Lanark County Housing Corporation to get new contract-employee as properties get slated for redevelopment

December 7, 2017 by

lrg_Local MapAt this week's Council Meeting, Lanark County's community services committee recommended the county approve a contract position to assist with the Lanark County Housing Corporation.  The corporation is working on redeveloping some of its properties and needs to develop a long-term strategic housing renewal plan.

There are 532 public housing units in Lanark County, which are between 25 and 75 years old.  The county is responsible for the administration and the funding of housing in Lanark County.

Newly-elected County Warden John Fenik, who sits on the housing corporation tells Lake 88 they’re at the point that they need the extra person. "Our workload in particular in terms of redevelopment is getting really quite big and we just need the additional help to manage our future development and develop a specific plan for our housing corporation which will span a number of years," said Fenik. "We are recommending that a 12 month position be hired to assist in the additional work.”

County Social Services Director Nancy Green told Councillors, “Staff cannot be expected to continue devoting a significant amount of their time to this endeavor at the expense of the ongoing daily operations and other strategic objectives of the corporation.”

Properties first slated for redevelopment are the Joseph/Edward/Pattie St. properties in Carleton Place.

Councillors greeted the proposal enthusiastically. Carleton Place Mayor Louis Antonakos said, “Staff have nailed the details on this at every level. This is a very complex problem and its unfair for our board to be burdened with this kind of extra workload to our staff.”

Council also recommended County Council approve the establishment of a redevelopment/regeneration advisory committee to help “shape and guide the future from all perspectives.”

Three county Councillors would sit on the committee, as well as members of the public.