Perth downtown to see more snowbank removal this winter, if needed

December 7, 2017 by

Perth SnowThe town of Perth is making plans to increase snow removal in the downtown core starting this winter.

The impetus to have more snowbank removal events during the winter months came as a request from the Business Improvement Area,  concerned about pedestrian and driver safety and keen to improve access to businesses.

Councillor Judy Brown told Lake 88, “The BIA brought this forward because, if there is a winter with lots of snow it’s difficult once the snowplowing has been done for people, let alone anyone with limited mobility, to try to get from the vehicle into the businesses downtown."

Brown said staff investigated the cost of doing additional snow removal and it was reasonable. "We’ll be doing three additional snow removal events this winter if warranted.  Also the standard has been lowered from 18 inches to nine inches for removing the snow.”

Town staff solicited quotes from the industry but found the cost prohibitive and is instead proposing to use town equipment and labour and only rent dump trucks when necessary.

The proposal which met with general approval from council, will add three more snow removal events in the downtown core, during the season bringing the total up to six and add $15,000 to the snow removal budget.