Special All About the House episodes to mark 20 years since the Ice Storm hit eastern Ontario

December 29, 2017 by

Minimals All About the House copyFor the next two Saturday mornings on ‘All About The House’, we’ll take a special look back at the ‘Ice Storm of 1998’.

It’s been 20 years, since that January storm blanketed Eastern Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and the Northern U.S.

The heavy ice brought down trees, hydro lines and poles, plunging our area into darkness for days or weeks, during a bitter cold stretch.

This Saturday, December 30th, at 8 am, we’ll relive some of the best and worst memories of the Ice Storm of 1998.

We’ll be joined by former Lanark County Emergency Services Co-ordinator Rick Hannah, along with former Smiths Falls Mayor, Denis Staples.

Then on Saturday, January 6th, we welcome former Perth Mayor Lana March, and former Perth Fire Chief, David Bell.

Join us for some memories, and the lessons learned, from the Ice Storm, tomorrow morning on ‘All About the House’ on Lake 88.