Carleton Place Integrity Commissioner hands over report finding Mayor contravened code of conduct

January 31, 2018 by

Carleton Place LogoIt's now in the hands of Carleton Place council - after an investigation by Carleton Place town council’s integrity commissioner, Mayor Louis Antonakos has been found guilty on three counts of contravening the council code of conduct.

The commissioner’s report was officially received by council on Tuesday night.

In the report by Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze, Carleton Place Mayor Louis Antonakos was found guilty of failing to treat members of the public with respect, divulging confidential information, and intimidation.

Members of council, many of them wearing pink ribbons as anti-bullying symbols, moved briefly suspend their meeting, allowing members of the public to speak.

President of People first of Canada, Kory Earle, who the mayor was found guilty of intimidating, used the time to ask the mayor to resign. "It’s time, in the best interest of you, to not run for re-election, quite frankly," said Earle. "I will certainly be encouraging people to be very cautious next election, and also who gets elected as council to make the best decision for this town. Enough is enough. Step aside and let someone else take the chair."

On the subject of Earle’s complaint, in an email from the mayor to the commissioner, Antonakos said, “It is not my nature to bully anyone, especially someone like Kory who represents the vulnerable of my community.”

Commissioner Swayze recommended the mayor’s pay be suspended for 30 days, but council has the right to extend that up to 90 days. The mayor’s penalty will be discussed at a public meeting on February 13th. Marc Shaw, Lake 88 News, Carleton Place.