Smiths Falls Mayor Shawn Pankow – decision on Beckwith St. redevelopment coming soon

February 12, 2018 by

downtown-sceneSmiths Falls Mayor Shawn Pankow posted to Facebook that council will be making a decision on the future of Beckwith St. in the next Month.

In the lengthy post, Pankow says the decision is more than a decade in the making, and has been further molded by the Downtown Revitalization and Waterfront Integration Master Plan which was received by Council in 2013.

One option will contain angled parking, and the other parallel parking – parking is the most contentious issue with the redevelopment, and the mayor even says that the process has been "blindsided" by the argument.

In a statement that points to his preference, the mayor says this “will be a monumental decision for our council” and “it will reflect either a view to our past; acknowledging a preservation of the way things have been, or a view to our future; with a vision of how things could be.

He also points out that active transportation, in the form of bike lanes must also be taken into consideration, and how that would fit into the revitalized street.

Pankow writes, that regardless of the outcome, he hopes the community can embrace the decision and enjoy the final result.

You can read the full statement by the Mayor, which contains several other points of interest for the project, below.