Perth Town Hall re-pointing project underway

February 13, 2018 by

Perth Town Hall BrianThe Town of Perth has begun a long process of conservation and preservation of our beautiful Town Hall, a National Historic Site. Given its history and heritage designation at both the local and national levels, the exterior details, materials and design merit conservation.

To that end restoration has begun on the lower section of the front façade, which has seen the most deterioration due to exposure to environmental elements. The process on the front façade will be ongoing over the next few years due to cost and amount of work required as existing Portland mortar is removed and replaced with a more permeable lime based mortar, and damaged stone is repaired.

Replacing the existing Portland mortar with a lime based mortar will restore the front façade to its original state which is in line with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. These guidelines also state that restoration projects on masonry should use “mortars that ensure the long-term preservation of the masonry assembly, and are compatible in strength, porosity, absorption and vapour permeability with the existing masonry units.”. As the steward of a National Historic Site, it is crucial that the Town follows these guidelines.

The Perth Town Hall is an iconic building in our Town and restoration projects like this are critical to ensure that our Heritage buildings are maintained.

Submitted by the Town of Perth