Good Deeds Cup wrap-up – Outstanding kids did an outstanding job

February 27, 2018 by

heddy Local SF GoodDeeds 03 0226The adults in the room were probably more disappointed than the kids once the winner of the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup was announced, until they all realized that everyone was a winner, that is.

“It really doesn’t matter, they pulled the community together and spread the good deeds and hopefully set an example for everyone to do good deeds,” said Mayor Shawn Pankow.

The cup went to the Pas Huskies in Manitoba, and but for a single “aw” of disappointment, the Smiths Falls Pee Wee Bears seemed utterly unphased by the announcement.

“I feel excited because at least we made it this far and what we did for the community feels good.  We are still winners no matter what,” said Andrew Vaughan, Pee Wee Bears defenseman and assistant captain of the team.

The young players aged between 11 and 12, took on the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup challenge in December, choosing the Salvation Army (SA), Rideau Mississippi Lakes Corps as their charity of choice.

They helped serve a community Christmas dinner at the Salvation Army, they helped stuff envelopes for the SA, they manned kettles during the kettle campaign and they helped out with the Christmas hampers.

There were 138 entries for the cup, and the Smiths Falls Pee Wee Bears made it to the top ten, and then to the top three.

“You’ve started something really good here,” Major Laurie Reilly told the team after the announcement, “This was a wonderful experience to know that you can do so much, and you’ve sent kids who don’t have much to camp this summer.”

The team’s efforts off the ice seem to have had a positive impact on their on-ice results.

“We were in last place at the start of the season but since December we’ve had one tie and won every other game and beaten the number one team from Brockville 3-0 and 5-2.  We have 37 points and we could end up with 41,” said head coach Keith Rhoden.

Those results, would put the Smiths Falls Pee Wee Bears in second place overall and secure them a place in the playoffs.