Investigation into intimidation allegations against MPP Hillier closed

March 13, 2018 by

Randy-talking-198x300An investigation into allegations of intimidation against local MPP Randy Hillier has been closed.

The Ottawa Sun reports that the Ontario PC Party closed its investigation into a complaint from a prospective Tory nominee over alleged events that she said took place at the PC party convention in March of 2016.

Goldie Ghamari, who is now the candidate for the riding of Carleton, complained to party officials that she had been physically intimidated by Hillier. She said he also warned not to challenge MPP Lisa MacLeod for a seat. She told the Sun that an intoxicated Hillier threw his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in close before waving a cigarette in her face and making the comments about MacLeod.

Ghamari said there was no sexual element to the incident.

Hillier said he regretted if he’d done anything that made Ghamari feel threatened, but stated that he had never come within five feet of her.

The party says a third-party investigator looked into the allegations and determined that no further actions were needed. A conclusion as to who's versions of events is believed to be true was not released.

The Tories say Ghamari and Hillier have both been informed of the report and the decision, and the matter is closed.

Ghamari said she had no comment on the results, while Hillier wrote in an email to the paper, "I'm pleased it has concluded and they used a very professional firm to conduct a thorough investigation."