Smiths Falls CAO Morris helps AMO reach cannabis deal with Province

March 13, 2018 by

Yerba Cannabis Grass Marijuana MariaThe Province and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) have reached an agreement on funding ahead of the legalization of marijuana.

Smiths Falls CAO Malcolm Morris was at the negotiating table for the AMO.

For now the Province has agreed to share $40 million of the excise tax they will collect from recreational marijuana over the first two years post legalization with municipalities and to pay the up-front costs that AMO has identified so that burden doesn’t fall to taxpayers.

Two of those costs have been identified.

There is no digital sobriety test for cannabis yet, as there is for alcohol, and police will have to conduct roadside sobriety field tests.  For that they will need training and the province has agreed to pick up the tab for that training.

The province has also agreed to pay for public education around recreational cannabis use through the Health Units.

Morris stresses that this is just a two-year agreement, because by the end of two years both AMO and the province will have a much clearer idea of the market, the issues and the costs associated with legalization.