Delay to change room improvements at Carleton Place arena as Council examines budget

April 18, 2018 by

Carleton-Place-outside-600x450-300x218The construction of new dressing rooms at the Carleton Place arena has hit a delay and may not proceed as quickly as initially planned. Carleton Place town council has decided to postpone obtaining price quotes for the project amidst budget concerns.

All looked ready to go when Carleton Place town council decided to seek out pricing for the construction of new change rooms at the Carleton Place Arena last month.

But since then, council has obtained estimates about the looming repairs to the town’s central bridge.

With bridge costs expected to hit $9 million, and arena dressing room costs being partially funded by debt and reserves, council has decided to hold off on tendering construction at the arena, and seek additional grant based funding.

Arena projects are fundable under a new grant called the “Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program” which town staff is interested in.

If the grant application is successful, the town could resume tendering construction at the arena.