Site plan agreement reached for 8 Rogers Rd. in Perth despite residents’ opposition

April 26, 2018 by

The site plan agreement for a new apartment building at 8 Rogers Rd. in Perth has been approved and unanimously passed by Town Council.

But residents of the neigbourhood, known as Carolina Village, are not happy with the decision.

They say they attended every meeting on the issue but were not able to speak at some of those meeting. According to Forbes Symon, director of development and protective services residents had their chance to voice their concerns and were invited to view the final documents but didn’t show up.

Symon told Lake 88 News, “The meeting was for information purposes.  It was presenting the final site plan to the planning committee for the recommendation to come to council."

He added, "I’m not aware that there was any specific restriction on people speaking at that meeting.  They were invited to look at the documents and see them beforehand, that never happened. Nobody came to see them.”

Meanwhile residents who were at the council meeting on April 24th were incensed by the suggestion that nobody attended.

Resident Mary Jane Lee told us, "Neighbours went to great lengths to attend each and every meeting and voiced their concerns.  It was shocking to us to hear a town staff member say publicly at tonight’s meeting that neighbours had been invited to a PAC meeting and no one showed up.  How very shocking and disappointing.”

Planning and Advisory Committee member and Councillor Jim Boldt told Lake 88 the project has garnered more attention than most due to the involvement of the residents. "I’ve been at every meeting they’ve been at, I truly believe that all of the questions they have asked have been addressed.  I think that all the way through we’ve worked very, very hard to listen to their concerns."

Boldt added, "This project has gotten more attention than anything else I’ve encountered in eight years as a councilor.  So I think we’ve spent a lot of time on it.  I, as a councilor, am prepared to work and fight hard for them so that the eventual outcome with what’s left works for everybody.”

Mary Jane Lee also said, "Speaking on behalf of the residents of Carolina Village, we are disappointed in the decision to approve the site plan agreement."

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