Lanark committee recommends endorsement of Carleton Place subdivision plan

April 27, 2018 by

lrg_Local MapLanark County's Economic Development Committee has recommended that the county endorse a draft plan of subdivision for Carleton Place.

The plan for Bodnar subdivision, located in the town's southwest corner, was approved by Carleton Place Town Council with conditions, but must also have county approval.

The subdivision will have 193 detached homes, 317 townhouses and 72 apartment units. Municipal sewer and water services will be installed.

The plan has been controversial as some Carleton Place residents are concerned contaminated storm water will flow into a wet pound and then into the Mississippi River – close to the town's water intake protection zone. Some addressed the committee this week, calling for changes to the storm water management system.

Chris Collins, of Cavanagh Construction, the subdivision's developer, told County Councillors as a result of concerns raised during public consultation, Cavanagh has ensured the storm water management plan meets or exceeds provincial dictates.

Mississippi Mills Councillor Jane Torrance spoke in favour of the project, noting the draft plan has been vetted by many agencies including the Mississippi Conservation Authority. "The draft conditions of approval are really sound," said Torrance. "I know that there's a lot of public mistrust sometimes of subdivision agreements. But we have to trust in the process and we have to trust in these authorizing bodies and those were absolutely mentioned in the draft conditions. I looked through those draft conditions and there were many parts that speak to the exact concerns the residents were voicing tonight."

She said it was important to her that the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority had to sign off on the agreement before the draft plan of subdivision can move forward.

The issue will come to county council before a future meeting.