Canopy Growth gets approval for communications line under Hershey Dr.

May 9, 2018 by

Tweed SFHershey Drive in Smiths Falls is quite the hub of construction activity in Smiths Falls these days and now the town has approved a telecommunications conduit to cross under Hershey drive to link Tweed with the former Grenville Castings facility located at 2 Air Care Drive.

“Whenever a utility operates within a town they typically have a contract with the municipality. In the case of a private utility we have to enter into a private agreement,” said Troy Dunlop, director of Public Works and Utilities.

The bulk of the conduit from Tweed to the edge of Hershey Drive has already been dug, but the company couldn’t proceed to cross under Hershey Drive until it had secured council approval and signed an agreement outlining the two parties rights and responsibilities.

“They will do all the work and we’ll have the engineer’s drawings, because we have to know what was done and how it was done, and we’ve made sure it’s at a depth that won’t interfere with any future infrastructure,” said Dunlop.

The building at 2 Air Care Drive, which is currently under renovation will be a distribution centre according to Mayor Shawn Pankow.

“They'll be operating out of there probably in the next two months, so they needed to enable telecommunications between the two buildings," said Pankow.

The conduit will consist of a concrete tube with cables running through.

Part of the agreement with the town requires Tweed to register with Ontario One Call so if any digging along that stretch of road is done in the future the location of the conduit will be clearly identified.