Smiths Falls CIP gets provincial boost

May 16, 2018 by

downtown-sceneThe Smiths Falls Community Improvement Plan program is getting another shot in the arm.

The funds are part of the Municipalities of Ontario’s Main Street Revitalization Initiative funding and the town is eligible for $45,412.00 of a total $26 million investment.

Under the Smiths Falls plan, local business and multi-unit residential buildings with ground floor commercial units in the downtown core are eligible for grants and/or loans to improve the physical frontage of their property.

Councillor Lorraine Allen told Lake 88 news  it’s the best use for the funding.

"It was designed for communities to use it for their downtown, so why would we then think up other projects?" said the Councillor.

Allen said the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) was designed to help people who are struggling with costs to improve the buildings or access to their businesses. "I spent $20,000 on my improvement, the town matches it.  So it’s been working very well," she concluded.

The new money will be added to the $83,000 fund already in the town’s CIP pot.