Former CP Church could see new life

May 17, 2018 by

CP ChruchA previously turned down development at the old church on 17 Albert Street in Carleton Place has successfully re-applied for a building permit.

The original proposal would have seen the construction of nine new residential units to the building which already contained four. With the space available, developers could not meet town requirements of one parking space per unit and were asked to re-examine their pitch.

The revised-plan, which town council approved at a meeting of its Planning and Protection committee includes a reduction from nine new residential units, to only six.

This leaves some extra space in the building which will allow for up to 168 square metres of potential commercial or office space.

Parking spots will need to change in size from 2.75 metres to 2.6 metres to provide the ten necessary spaces, but that was deemed an acceptable variance.

The building has seen many uses over the years, formerly housing the old Peddlers Parish antique flea market, CP Cinemas, and more.

The recent developments are the latest attempt at bringing the space back into the community.