Rideau Lakes woman dies from her injuries after driving off boat launch late last week

May 17, 2018 by

opp-logo-300x241A 57-year-old Rideau Lakes woman who drove off of a boat launch in Rideau Lakes Township last Friday has died from her injuries.

Rideau Lakes OPP responded at about 11:55 that night to a report that a female had just driven off a boat launch near Westport. Police arrived at Forrester's Landing Drive within five minutes to find a fully submerged vehicle about 50 meters out from land in the Upper Rideau Lake. An OPP Emergency Response Team member and a volunteer firefighter dove into the water and got the woman out of her car. She was transported to hospital in Kingston in critical condition.

57 year-old Wendy Holmes of Rideau Lakes Township, was pronounced dead on Tuesday.

Police say alcohol was a factor in the incident.