LFK All Candidates meeting held in Beckwith

May 18, 2018 by
LFK Candidates: Anita Payne (Green) , Randy Hillier (PC), Ramsey Hart (NDP), and Amanda Pulker-Mok (Liberal)

LFK Candidates: Anita Payne (Green) , Randy Hillier (PC), Ramsey Hart (NDP), and Amanda Pulker-Mok (Liberal)

Candidates hoping to be elected to serve the Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston riding in the upcoming provincial election gathered at the Beckwith Township Office Wednesday night to speak to constituents.

Representatives from the NDP, Conservative, Green and Liberal answered questions on a range of issues submitted by audience members. It was a packed house at the Beckwith Town Office with many people left standing, listening closely to party representatives explaining their platforms for the upcoming Ontario election.

Local incumbent conservative MPP Randy Hillier voiced his concerns about Liberal spending which he hopes his government can change. “We can do better, we have to do better," said Hillier, "Or our kids will be in the dark eating cat food in another generation.”

NDP candidate Ramsey Hart also drew reactions from the crowd when he called into question statements that Hillier’s party made towards his stance on mining in Ontario. “Suggesting that I had a personal crusade to shut down mines across the country and that I cheered every time a mine closed and people lost their jobs... That is a complete fabrication, bordering on slander,' said Hart. "It is not fact based, it is not science based. That is the kind of thing that we could be dealing with, should Mr. Ford become premier."

Both candidates comments towards each other were kept short by the sessions moderator over the rest of the evening.

The issue of Hydro, which Liberal candidate Amanda Pulker-Mok called ‘a tricky one’ came up during the evening and she attempted to address attendee concerns. “It’s important to remember that the Liberal Government has invested $70 Billion to have a reliable electricity system here in Ontario. We don’t have rolling blackouts or brown outs anymore and we are moving towards cleaner energy,” said Pulker-Mok.

On the issue of natural gas, Conservative, Liberal and NDP candidates each had their own way to address how they would bring it into the rural community, but the Green Party’s Anita Payne took a hard stance against it. “We have been told that natural gas is a bridge fuel. It’s a bridge to oblivion,” said Payne who stressed that the methane composition of natural gas makes it a powerful greenhouse gas.

There’s still plenty of time to talk on the campaign trail as the election will take place on June 7th.