Carleton Place looking for answers from Feds on medicinal marijuana growers

May 23, 2018 by

carleton-place-town-hall-6276049841_c94d5aa7d4_oUnclear rules for the growth of medicinal cannabis have left Carleton Place town council with several questions about their ability to regulate production within the town.

While medicinal growers must register with Health Canada before they can produce cannabis, they are not required to seek approval from the local municipality where production will occur before registration.

Carleton Place Mayor Louis Antonakos expressed exasperation at Tueasday night's meeting at what the lax federal guidelines mean for the town. "Any building, anywhere in Carleton Place, whether it’s condemned or not, has zoning or not, has compliance in the building department or not, can all just wash away with provincial legislation saying that ‘if I’ve got a prescription from a doctor I can go into any vacant building in Carleton Place and be unchallenged?" said the Mayor. "I have a problem with that.”

In order to provide clearer municipal guidelines that can be enforced, the town has requested that Health Canada require consultation between a grower and the local municipality, implement specific regulations around smell, and implement an oversight system to ensure anyone who is issued a Health Canada license follows the rules associated with it.