LFK Green Party Candidate Payne says Carbon Fee and Dividend program will benefit all Ontarians

May 24, 2018 by

LFK GP - Anita Payne NewsThe Green Party of Ontario is not proposing a carbon tax for the province, but rather Carbon Pricing.

Speaking on Lake 88's In Focus, Green Party Candidate for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston Anita Payne said the Green Plan will help Ontarians by paying them a dividend.  Everyone will get the same amount, regardless of how much they spend on fossil fuels.

If referencing the ever increasing costs of fuels to heat homes and power vehicles, Payne said, “The people with modest to low incomes will actually break even or get more money back through the dividend through their increased costs.”

She said it won’t be the same for wealthy people because they typically use more fossil fuels. “They will have larger houses that they heat, they have more vehicles, some have boats.”

Payne added some of those boats that she has seen along the Rideau Canal can cost hundreds of dollars to fuel, “If they have the money they do it.”

She said Carbon Fee and Dividend is a fair way to price carbon for all Ontarians.

Payne also said her party also continues its efforts to get Leader Mike Schreiner into the leadership debates.

Payne and other Green supporters attended the last debate with green tape over their mouth – a symbol of their party being silenced by the media for not including Schreiner in the debates.

Plans are underway for a similar action at the next debate too.

There are two petitions to digitally sign if you feel the Green Party Leader should be included in the provincial leadership debates.

You can find the first, entitled “Mike at the Mic” here.

The second is hosted by change.org and can be found here.

You can listen to the full interview with Payne here.