Tweed seeks to make underground land acquisition from Town of Smiths Falls

May 29, 2018 by

Tweed SFIn a curious development Tweed Inc. is asking the town of Smiths Falls for a stratified easement across Hershey Drive.

The Licensed Marijuana producer is looking to purchase a piece of land below the surface of Hershey drive so that they can merge the address of the former chocolate factory with the former Grenville Castings property across the road.

“In order to extend the existing Health Canada License to the Air Care Drive facility, Health Canada requires that a single address apply to the entire operation,” said Karl Grenke, Senior Planner.

Working with the town’s solicitor, staff have recommended that council approve the request to turn over title of 200 feet of land  three to nine meters below the surface all the way across Hershey Drive, to Tweed for $3,500.

The easement would not impact any town operations present or future.

“We’re confident we’re not giving up any operational rights from three meters below grade and above,  below that I think is of no significant long-term concern for the municipality,” said Troy Dunlop, director of Public Works and Utilities.