Clarification over advance polling station in Carleton Place and voting deadlines at returning offices

May 30, 2018 by

Ontario VotesThere is some clarification needed when it comes to advance polling stations in our listening area.

Voter Information Cards and information online says the advance poll and election day poll is the "Carleton Place CC" and "Carleton Place Community Centre" - the formal name of the town's arena.

The name has caused some confusion, so to clarify, the polling station is at the arena found at 75 Neelin St.

The information online from Elections Ontario also says you can vote at the Returning Offices in Harrowsmith and Perth (the satellite office in LCBO mall) until June 6th, however voter Information Cards say you can only do so until the 1st.

Voters can in fact vote at the returning offices until June 6th using a special ballot.