Carleton Place reverses renovation decision for canteen at Riverside Park

May 30, 2018 by

carleton-place-town-hall-6276049841_c94d5aa7d4_oCarleton Place Town Council has reversed last week’s decision concerning renovations to the northeast section of the canteen at Riverside Park to allow Urban Ocean to operate it’s Stand Up Paddle business out of the space.

A vote to overturn last week’s decision was conducted last night before a bylaw could be signed. Carleton Place Councillors had voted 5-1 in favour of allowing the Carleton Place Canoe Club to sublet part of the canteen in riverside park to Urban Ocean.

After the canoe club decided it needed the space back, which Urban Ocean had been occupying, town council agreed to commit $2000 towards renovating the canteen so Urban Ocean could continue operations while also allowing the Canoe club to reclaim some space.

Since receiving an email from Urban Ocean’s Harmony Dawn expressing disinterest in the deal as is, council has changed it’s mind and now voted 5-1 against the decision.

Deputy Mayor Jerry Flynn tells Lake 88, the town tried it’s best to accommodate Dawn’s needs with the original deal.

“There were renovations that we were going to do to make it an even better space for her than what she required. All indications were that she didn’t accept,” said Flynn.